Saturday, October 3, 2009

Creepy Spider Bread Sticks

My kiddos love this fun recipe from Pillsbury, it's something we have to make every year around Halloween. The instructions are a little confusing so bear with me here, or you can jump over to that link I gave you and read their confusing instructions :)
You need a package of Pillsbury bread stick dough. Unwrap and unroll ALL the bread sticks there are suppose to be 12. Take 4 of those and cut them in half so you have 8 short bread sticks. Roll those up to make your spider head/body (think simple 6 legged spiders here). Now cut the rest of the bread sticks in half and you will have 16 short bread sticks. Here is where is got me confused, cause I am easily confused :)
Cut each of those 16 LENGTHWISE into 3 strips. Now you have 48 spider legs, see how good my math is? Miss B only had to correct me once (note to parents it's only easy to impress children under 6 with such tricky math skills, doesn't work when they are older, and can correct you :)

Take 2 pieces of tinfoil and roll into 2 long sticks, you can see mine in the picture. Attach 3 legs together on one end and drape over the tin foil, spray tin foil before you put your legs on it, repeat 7 more times, then do the same on the other tinfoil roll. Scoot the two together so the legs are almost touching and place in the middle the Spider bodies/heads.

When you have all 8 done, if I have my math all right :) bake at 375 until spiders are light golden brown, let cool a few minutes before removing from the tinfoil. Serve with soup, or chili, or as a after school snack.

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