Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentines Day is just around the Corner

I am helping out in 2 of my kiddos classes for their parties so I have been searching for some fun ideas.
I have collected quite a large list of crafts so I am sharing some of them with you-

Valentine Heart Pencils, these are what Miss B is giving out in her class this year.And another pencil card.

These Hershey Kiss Flowers are so cute.

Here are some cute Lollipop Mice has a ton of great ideas

These little chocolate gnomes are awesome.This hugs and kisses pot would make a wonderful gift for someone special.

I think Miss K is going to make some of these button hearts to give out to her class.

These little Chocolate Kiss Mice are one of the crafts I am planning to help them make in Miss K's class. Here is a link to a video of another version of them.

These little bag and clothespin valentines are adorable, I am making a few of these for some ladies I visit.

Here are some cute printable Owl Valentine Cards-CraftyChic has a lot of fun Valentine Projects as well.

I know we are going to play Valentine Bingo and the kids are going to decorate their own cupcakes, so I need to come up with 1 more game and I am all set :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

I am so happy to have received this sweet award from The Mommyologist
She has such a great Blog, if you haven't been over there, you should, it rocks.

With this award I get to list 10 things that make me happy-

1- When my children stick up for, comfort or freely offer help to each other, that really makes me get the warm fuzzies inside.

2- Reading new Blog posts from my Bloggy Buddies, I am so Happy I got into blogging, it is Awesome.

3- Coming home to a clean house, this is big on my Happy list, with 4 kids and 2 dogs and a Hubby who likes to spread the love, my house staying clean long enough for me to enjoy it doesn't happen very often. So very very very rarely when I come home and it's clean, sigh, very nice.

4- My Family, I have the best Siblings and Parents ever. They are always there for me to support me 100%. I am one lucky lady.

5-Crafting, sitting down and making something that turns out always brings a smile to my face.

6- Playing games with my kiddos, we love to play board games. Even sitting with Miss M and playing games online makes me happy.

7- Cooking, I cook when I am frustrated, sad, mad and glad. But by the time I am finished cooking my mood is always the same Happy. I love being able to create yummy things, it definitely makes me happy.

8- A good book, reading has been something that has brought me joy for many many years. There is nothing like finishing a good book.

9- Driving in the car with my Kiddos, we sing, play games, and are pretty goofy. We enjoy road trippin together.

10- Music, I love all kinds of music. There is music for every feeling in the world, and there are some that I like to play when I am needing a Happy boost.

I am passing this on to-

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Thanks for making me a happy Blogger guys!!! :)

Bookmark Cleanout #3

Here we go again- more kids crafts or crafts to make for kids, these are some great sites for science projects -

Kids Science Concoctions

Kids Craft Zone

Kids Create

Disney's Family Fun


Activities in English & French Kids-R-Crafty

Making learning Fun


Family Education

Garden and Patio Craft Projects

Family Fun Cereal Tote box/bag

Cute cover-up

The Science of Cooking

Pumpkin Carving patterns

Halloween Crafts at Kaboose Here and Here

The Pumpkin Farm

Everything Preschool

Homemade Bubbles

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bookmark cleanout #2 online kids sites

I have a bookmark folder full of fun site for kids to go online and play games, a few of them we use regularly. But they all have some great stuff on them, so I thought I would share-

nick jr preschool games

Playhouse Disney

PBS kids

Disney kids

American Girl Fun for Girls

This site is great for kids 8 and up, there is a lot of great learning games and stuff- FunBrain

, where your kids can create their own snowflake.

My 10 year old likes this site FreeRice

The Cupcakes Club

Kids Web Japan



Discovery Kids

National Geographic Kid

For bigger girls 10 and up there is-



So there ya go, games galore :)

Have I mentioned I have a bookmark problem???

I bookmark EVERYTHING.
So on this the first day of 2010 I am cleaning out my kids krafts bookmarks, hee hee, by posting all the links on here. :) :) :)
Aren't I a clever nellie :)

First off we have a ruffled skirt tutorial HERE

Martha Stewart Easter Crafts for kids HERE

Chocolate Playdough HERE

Homemade sidewalk Chalk HERE

Adorable girls skirt from mens shirt pattern HERE

Womans skirt to childs sundress HERE

Make your own Milk Carton container HERE

Make your own cake stand from terra cotta pots HERE

Fabric Applique instructions HERE

Make a light up sign HERE

Girls Purse Tutorial HERE

Fleece blanket ideas HERE

Crepe paper party streamers HERE

Girls skirt pattern HERE

Girls skirt tutorial HERE

Strawberry Body Butter recipe HERE

Dog fleece sweater instructions HERE

Sumo's Sweet Stuff tutorials HERE

Chalkboard paint message board tutorial HERE

I have emptied 1 bookmark category 3 more to go!