Monday, August 24, 2009

Painting, Painting all day long-

Finger Paints
1/2c. cornstarch
3T. sugar
2c. water
food coloring
a few drops of dish soap

Put water & sugar into a saucepan. Add the water & dish soap slowly. Cook on med until barely thickening. Divide into small containers and stir in food coloring. Let it cool then get painting!

Silly Silly Putty

Silly Putty Recipe
1/2c. Elmers glue
1/2c. liquid starch

Mix together by hand, if it's to thick add more glue, too thin add more starch, until its combined.

Uncooked Playdough

Uncooked Playdough
2-1/2c. flour
1/2c. salt
1t. alum
2c. boiling water
3T. oil

Mix together the flour, salt & alum. Combine water and oil, now is the time to add food color, to the water, if you'd like. Combine with the flour mixture and knead until combined.

Favorite Playdough

This is my favorite homemade playdough recipe, it is nice & soft and if you keep it in an airtight container it lasts well for a long time.

Cooked Playdough
1c. cold water
1/2c. salt
1c. flour
2t. cream of tartar
1/2T. oil
food coloring or 1/2 a pkt Koolaid

Put water, oil and food color/Koolaid, in a med. saucepan. Stir together,add salt. Stir, slowly add in the flour & cream of tartar, whisking together. Heat on med heat, stirring until it comes together in a ball. Cool, knead it together. Do not store until it's completely cooled. Store in airtight container.

Rubba Dubba Dub, I was playin in the Tub

Soap Crayon Recipe
30-40 drops food coloring
1c. mild, like Dreft, powder laundry detergent
plastic molds

Fill a measuring cup with the 1c. detergent, add in the coloring & stir. Add water by the t. until mixture is a liquid. Stir well, pour into plastic molds, ice cube trays work well. Set in a warm dry place for up to 2 days until hard. Great for drawing in the tub at bath time.

Slippery Slime

Slime Recipe
1/2c. water
1/2c. glue- Elmers
1t. Borax
1/4c. water
a few drops food coloring

Stir together the 1/2c. water, glue and food colr. Mix together the borax and 1/4c. water, add this 1T. at a time, while stirring, into the glue mixture. Keep adding and stirring until this comes together in a slimy ball. Store in baggie or air tight container.

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere

Basic Bubbles Recipe
2c. cool water
1/8c. dishwashing liquid
1t. sugar
Gently mix together, and go blow some bubbles :)

Match Maker, Match Maker make me a Match

Here is a fun game you can make to keep your Toddler busy playing in the kitchen while you are making Dinner.

Magnetic adhesive strips- 2" strips
4" squares of cardstock in varied colors (8-16)
4-8 photos of friends or family members trimmed down to 4x4 squares, yes pets count

Stick the magnetic strips onto the backs of all of your squares, if your toddler is older they might enjoy helping you make this. Glue the photos on to the front of the squares and write the name of the person in the photo on a matching square.

I coated these with contact paper to help them last longer. And I used some magnet squares I found at Staples for a couple dollars.

After they are dry you can stick all these onto the fridge or stove front, mix them all up and help/encourage child to match the names to the person.

This would also work with early reading kids, using pictures of Dog, Tree, Cat and such.

Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint
1c. each of flour, salt & water
empty plastic squeeze bottles
watercolor paints
a spoon & bowl for each color
cardboard squares or heavy paper

1- With your child, mix flour, slat and water in a bowl. Separate into however many bowls you have.
2- Stir in your colors and pour into squeeze bottles.
3- Let child use squeeze bottles to decorate their square of cardboard.
4- Let picture dry overnight.