Friday, December 4, 2009

Great Winter Holiday Crafts for Kids

I have been so bad about posting on here, there are a few projects the kiddos and I are going to be making in the next couple weeks so I thought I would go ahead and post the links here. And hopefully I will get some pictures when we make them and then get those on here.
First one is this-

I found them on this BLOG , and I have all the stuff for these and will be making them this weekend.

Also this-

Wreath picture frame ornament

And this-
Hand Print Wreath
Ginger Bread People Garland

I am also struggling to figure out what to do for teacher gifts this year, so after searching for ideas I am trying to decide which one of these would be best, or all of them?-

Snowman Soup
Pumpkin Latte Mix
Potato Soup Mix in a jar
Cinnamon Pancake mix
A Sweet Bookmark

I think I will pick one or two of those and make up a little basket.

Also if you want a fun place to look around with your kids go to The
The kids can write, send and receive a letter from Santa, there is also lots of other fun stuff there.


  1. My kids went nuts when they saw the snowman. I'm getting a wee bit of Spirit. Aren't you proud of me?

  2. lol, I LOVE those snowmen they are so darn cute :)

  3. The snowmen are so cute---I got my kids some snowman donuts from Krispy Kreme over the weekend. I'm such a healthy mom, cantcha tell?!!? But they loved them and it was a rare/special treat.

  4. Snowman donuts?!?! Cute!
    We made snowman bookmarks last year, I love the gingerbread ones though they are so cute :)

  5. Hey!! Thanks for your great comments on my post! And I'm actually kind of a fake crafter. I work part-time as a BeautiControl consultant and sell spa products at craft fairs...but I don't actually make anything. Is that cheating??

  6. No, it's not cheating. I love all the neat stuff at craft fairs :)