Monday, August 24, 2009

Match Maker, Match Maker make me a Match

Here is a fun game you can make to keep your Toddler busy playing in the kitchen while you are making Dinner.

Magnetic adhesive strips- 2" strips
4" squares of cardstock in varied colors (8-16)
4-8 photos of friends or family members trimmed down to 4x4 squares, yes pets count

Stick the magnetic strips onto the backs of all of your squares, if your toddler is older they might enjoy helping you make this. Glue the photos on to the front of the squares and write the name of the person in the photo on a matching square.

I coated these with contact paper to help them last longer. And I used some magnet squares I found at Staples for a couple dollars.

After they are dry you can stick all these onto the fridge or stove front, mix them all up and help/encourage child to match the names to the person.

This would also work with early reading kids, using pictures of Dog, Tree, Cat and such.

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